Helen Bur (UK)

Helen Bur is a British artist, currently based in London, working between the UK and on the road, in studio and across walls. Using traditionally influenced techniques in figuration, she moves between Oil on canvas and emulsion on wall, painting figures captured in moments of quiet action or frozen in the midst of a curious happening, concerned, uncanny. Imbued with a sense of surreal, the works engender the feeling of something rather than explicitly outlining what it is. Sensitive and poetic narratives are used as tools to dissect and discuss experiences, where the personal often becomes global. The lack of information or clarity present in the work imitates the wide spread mood of absurdity in the everyday and in our wider existence.


Helen’s work can be found on walls across the globe from Brazil to India to the USA & Europe. She co-directed the ‘Empty Walls’ festival and ran a DIY arts space ‘The Abacus’ in the UK, noting the important role active community engagement continually plays in her work. She now works with artist collectives FOUR_ collective and Void Projects, coordinating and collaborating on projects worldwide.



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