Welcoming Scottish Artist KMG for Nuart Aberdeen Summer 2021!

So the cat is out of the bag, or should we say the KMG!


Hailing from the silver streets of Aberdeen, KMG is a Scottish based artist who has been creating character based outdoor artwork for over a decade.


Reflecting her curious nature, her work explores and confronts themes that range from the mundane to the precarious and is often of a subversive nature. Characters are used as a means of connecting with the public and engaging them in dialogue around ignored or overlooked issues that exist within society. A combination of youthful enthusiasm, tempered with a healthy smattering of defiance, imbues her work with a sarcastic and raw tone, whilst remaining playful and often raising a comforting smile.

By placing her art in public places, KMG aims to encourage the passer-by to pause in a moment of reflection and connectivity. Her work provides an avenue for communicating moments of shared vulnerability, protest or mischief.


After years of hard work behind the scenes supporting many Nuart Aberdeen productions we’re honoured to welcome Katie back to her home town as our first artist producing work at Nuart Aberdeen Summer 2021!


Check out more of KMG’s work here.

Cover photo by Hookedblog

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