After being postponed in April 2020 because of the global pandemic, we’re delighted to announce our return to the Granite City for Nuart Aberdeen Summer 2021, as a series of individual street art productions which will take shape on the city’s walls between June & July.


Martyn Reed, Nuart Director and Curator, said “We’re incredibly happy to announce we’ll be back on the streets of Aberdeen this Summer with a series of projects we hope can give us all a lift by re-connecting us with those spaces and places that have become a part of us.


“Those crown-like corona protrusions that are the perpetrators of this whole ordeal have proved uncannily versatile and stubborn, but I like to think we’re more than a match for it in both senses. However uncertain things may be, with vaccination campaigns well underway there seems to be a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, hopefully Nuart can contribute to getting us a little closer to it.



“Until we get there, we can take some solace in the knowledge that it’s been street artists the world over who have been at the forefront of keeping art in the public domain. As they keep finding novel ways to engage an audience and express themselves by embellishing the cities we inhabit, so we remain committed to tracking them down and bringing them to you. We’re looking forward to reconnecting with all those that have made Nuart Aberdeen possible and can’t wait to get started.”

We’d like to welcome back renowned UK artist, Helen Bur, whose dual mural disappeared as part of the demolition of Greyfriars House in late 2020. Her return to the city will see her explore the festival’s theme of “Reconnection” as she creates a new larger-than-life work in the city.


Although the big festival events like Nuart Plus and the walking tours won’t be happening (for now) we still hope the arrival of new artworks can help get people back onto the streets and allow us to reconnect with the people of Aberdeen. We’re thankful to Aberdeen Inspired and all the festival partners for their support to make this happen and with a bit of luck there will be some exciting up dates coming soon!


Nuart Aberdeen Summer 2021 will run throughout June and July with artists producing work supported by a local production team during the summer period.

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